Familiarizing tour guides with concepts of earth sciences and geological phenomena in Qeshm

Manager of Qeshm Geopark announced that a day-long workshop on concepts of earth sciences and geological phenomena will be help for 60 tourism students of the island.

Hamidreza Mohsenpour, the manager of Qeshm Free Zone Organization organization, said that tour guides are one of the most important components of success and sustainability in tourism industry. He also added that tour guides who have adequate knowledge of earth sciences and geological phenomena on the island can enhance the quality of tours of geosites in Qeshm.
He mentioned that tour guides play an essential role in developing tourism and providing them with necessary knowledge of their natural surroundings will bring benefits to tourism on Qeshm Island.
Hamidreza Moshenpour emphasize that projects in Qeshm Geopark pay a particular attention to tourism students and tour guides as an invaluable resource.
According to manager of Qeshm Geosite, returning to international scene and crucial role of ecotourism and geotourism in development of local community are the main objectives of geopark that help preserve valuable natural and cultural reservoirs of this region. He said that based on this success in international scene, the policy of helping and training human resources is now a high priority for geopark management.
Mohsenpour added that 60 students will attend two courses for local tours from June 8th to August 8th which is held in conference hall of the Behesht Hotel in Qeshm by Association of Tour Guides of Qeshm and in cooperation with Mashghe Afarinesh Educational Institute.
He mentioned that these courses is taught by an international expert in the field of geoparks and was well received by students. He added that Geopark have plans to provide tour guides with supplementary courses in order to improve their expert knowledge on projects in geopark and concepts in earth science and also developing it in national and international scale, management of Qeshm.
Qeshm Island which covers an area of 1500 km2 and is the largest island in the Persian Gulf located in south of Iran, boasts breathtaking tourist attractions especially its unique geosites such as the longest salt cave in the world, the Valley of Stars, the Valley of Statues, Bame Gheshm, Chahkouh Valley and Naz Islands.

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