Geo-products are items that have been made by local communities within the Geopark and designs are influenced by the local nature and culture of the area. Local materials of the region have been used in the creation of Geo-products.

Namakdan Salt Cave Candle

Namakdan Salt Cave Candle has been designed by Soma Sayedyounesi following the order by Qeshm Island UNESCO Global geopark. Nowadays, this product is presenting to tourists by Qeshm Island students (Kashef Team) to promote the salt cave, stop sample picking and conservation goals. It also makes some economic benefits for the students.Miniature Lutes

This Traditional Iranian musical instrument model, under the name of “Barbet”, “Oud”, “Lute” is made by Artistic hands of “Shoja Ashari Qeshmi”, a Geopark Partner in Qeshm Island.


Salt Caves Geoproducts


Salt Cave Geoproducts is a collection of symbolic objects designed and performed by an indigenous artist Ms. Avatef khashabi, a ceramist and artisan.

Namakdan Caves is one of the most important geosites of Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark, which contains the longest salt cave in the world.

This geosite contains a variety of attractions such as salt caves, salt springs, salt holes, colorful holes, and colorful salt layers.

This ceramic clay product is created by the artist as a work of art and presented to tourists to introduce this geosite and prevent the taking of the original sample from nature and preserve natural heritage.

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