How to get Here?

How to get Here?

Travel to Qeshm Island by plane

You can travel to Qeshm Island by air from the cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Mashhad. You can also travel to Qeshm from the United Arab Emirates (via Dubai airport). Qeshm International Airport is located 50 km from Qeshm city center.

Travel to Qeshm Island by Train + ship

Although there is no railway in Qeshm Island, you can travel to Qeshm Island through Bandar Abbas railway. Bandar Abbas railway station is located in the northwestern part of Bandar Abbas city. Daily trains from Tehran and Isfahan enter Bandar Abbas railway station. Then you can reach the city of Qeshm through Shahid Haqqani port in Bandar Abbas and taking a one-hour sea route.


Traveling to Qeshm by bus (Transfer by Landing Craft)

Buses go to Qeshm Island through Laft-Pol port and transported by landing crafts. Most of the big cities of Iran have buses to Qeshm Island.


Traveling to Qeshm by own car (Transfer by Landing Craft)

It is also possible to travel to Qeshm Island with own car and the only way to travel is by Landing Craft from laft-pol Port. It is taking about 30 minutes.

Travel to qeshm by ferries

Sea travel to Qeshm Island is possible through Shahid Zakari port in Qeshm and Shahid Haqqani port in Bandar Abbas. There are ferries in these ports to transfer passengers.


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