The 2nd phase of Doll making workshop of Qeshm GEO-PARK

To advance the "endangered species conservation project", the 2nd phase of doll making workshop is being running on in the Qeshm Island.

As summer leisure time begins, teens and children have a lot of free time that shouldn’t be wasted, then, training department of Qeshm Global GEO-PARK runs DOLL MAKING workshop for rural student of Geo-park territory who are between age of 9 to 15.

This  project is supposed to promote the culture of wastepaper recycling and to protect the species which are under danger of be extinction, especially  Dolphins, Turtles  and Corals.

This is important that the course is thought by the teachers graduated from the previous course.

There are some factors that increase the Importance of running these classes:

1_ Promoting conservational culture about endangered species such as Turtles and  Corals, by making Paper Doll of them.

2­_ Utilizing and using waste papers and recyclable materials

3_ Being costless and in some cases even, free.

4_ Frugality in time in according to high speed process of making dolls.

5_ Rational, proper and competitive prices of the made handicrafts.


In according to the mentioned points, these classes can prepare a really good opportunity for the rural society to improve and enhance their economy and life rents.

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