The unveiling ceremony of registering the Namakdan salt cave geosite as one of the top 100 geological sites in the world

The CEO of the Qeshm Free Zone Area presented the name of the Namakdan salt cave as one of the top 100 geological sites in the world at the unveiling ceremony.
It is everyone's responsibility to sustain and promote the tourism capabilities of Qeshm Island.

With the presence of the CEO of Qeshm Free Zone Area and the council of the Geology and Mineral Exploration Organization of Iran, the geosite of Namakdan salt cave was unveiled as one of the top 100 geological sites in the world.


According to the public relations and international affairs of the Qeshm Free Zone Area, Afshar Fathollahi said that introducing the Namakdan salt cave geosite as one of the top 100 geological sites in the world is the pride of the residents of Qeshm Island and the entire nation of Iran. He continued that, to better introduce the capacities of natural and geological tourism, it is essential to prepare the necessary measures and plans to provide suitable infrastructure, including the improvement of the access road, safety equipment, and basic facilities.

The CEO of the Qeshm Free Zone Area stated that providing the necessary infrastructure for all tourist and geological sites on Qeshm Island is a priority that can be implemented to provide better services to tourists.

According to Fathollahi, nowadays, all residents are responsible for introducing the natural and tourism potentials of Qeshm Island and preserving them.

Referring to the cooperation of people to preserve the natural and geological heritage of Qeshm Island, he added that introducing Qeshm Global Geopark as a successful model of a cooperative community in the conservation of the geological heritage and various goesites is a matter of pride for the Global Geoparks.

According to this report, in this ceremony, the head of the Organization of Geology and Mineral Explorations also said that the acquisition of wealth and prosperity of natural capacities and geological phenomena based on science is an important and auspicious event. Alireza Shahidi added that, fortunately, with the presence of the Qeshm Global Geopark, the island is a leader in this field.

He said that in the past 22 years, there have been 177 geoparks registered in 46 countries around the world. From the middle East, only Qeshm Global Geopark has been registered in this list, and we hope that Aras and Tabas Geoparks will also be registered in the list of Global Geoparks by next year.

The Vice-Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade stated that Iran is located in a special region due to its position in the orogenic belt of the Himalayan Alps.

Stating that different parts of Iran are prone to earthquakes and this is only one of the natural hazards, he added that 34 of the 43 natural hazards in the world occurs in Iran.

The head of the Geological Organization added that one of the most important sources of national wealth is the existence of 7% of the mineral resources of the earth and the presence of 81 different minerals in Iran, which is a blessing achieved through discoveries and exploration.

Alireza Amri Kazemi, the director of the Qeshm Global Geopark, also presented a report on the registration process of the Qeshm Global Geopark as one of the top 100 geological sites in the world.



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