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Qeshm Geopark as the only Geopark in the Middle-East has been registered by the Global Network of Geoparks (GGN) in Paris, 21st March 2006. So far, 77 countries have been registered under GGN. And due to Qeshm Geopark being a member of GGN, Iran is among these 77 countries. Obviously, Qeshm Geopark is of higher importance due to its strategic location in the Persian Gulf. On the other hand Qeshm Geopark has got a proper position in the region as it is located between Eastern Asian and European Geopark. In terms of geological variety as well as variety of its sites, Qeshm Geopark also carries an important image among the geoparks. Of course this variety is not limited to geological phenomena. There are other varieties in ecology, archeology, environment, wild nature etc.

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