Geopark Territory

The average area of Qeshm Island (The region between low tide and high tide) is 1565km2. Geopark area including the Mangrove forest area, Hengam Island and Dolphins’ Bay is 2063Km2. The length of the island is near to 130km and its width at the most is 30km while its average width is 10km. The highest point in the island is 397m high –the peak of Namakdan Mount– in the southwest of the island. The headland of Qeshm is at the 22km distance from Bandar Abbas Port and its nearest distance from the mainland 1.8km is within the distance between old Laft and Pohl Port. Qeshm Island has 3 cities and 66 Villages. There are about 120.000 people are living in the Qeshm Island. The main job of the people living inside geopark boundary is trading and fishing. There are 254 schools in the Geopark area they offer courses for grades primary school to High school for 26775 students. There are 12 universities and higher education centers in the geopark.

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