Qazi terrace

Code : G12

 This vast area in the western part of the island has different and numerous features namely the vertical cliffs of old sea terraces, numerous erosion forms especially mushroom shape and needle shaped ones. This Geosite Is considered as the best view point for the Basira Geosite  Formation of pillars and chimney rocks and partial badlands are among the features which are very similar to Tandis Geosito with less collapses. Huge Cross bedding phenomenon that is

related to the dunes (coastal and wind, dunes) is another interesting feature of this site. The striped wall shapes in this site are because of alternation of hard and thick limestone and soft marl. After eroding the marl, the limestone collapses due to its weight and the walls forms and start to retrogression. Ditches and flutes which formed by the rain water erosion, are among the other geomorphologic forms in this site. This kind of erosion occurs In the soft and bare lands where there is no plant coverage on the surface. Qazi Terrace Geosite is a suitable place for educational and reserch activities specially in the filed of general geology and sedimentology for related students. This geosite is located in vicinity of Basira.

Where Qazi terrace geosite is located ?

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