The best tourist guide of Qeshm Island was honored.

The director of Qeshm Island UGGp announced that on International Tourist Guide Day, Zakaria Noori, Qeshm Island UGGp assistant and tour guide, was honored for his efforts and activities.

According to the public relations and international affairs of the Qeshm Free Zone Area, announcing this news, Sajad Eshgarf said that previously, in a ceremony held on 16th February at the conference hall of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Deputy and hosted by this organization, Zakaria Noori was honored by the highest official of the Ministry as the country’s top tourism guide.

He also stated that during the Assistants Network meeting, the management of Qeshm Island UGGp and the Professional Association of Qeshm Tourism Guide previously honored Zakaria Noori for his efforts and activities in promoting the capacities and attractions of Qeshm Island UGGp.

The director of Qeshm Island UGGp added that in this meeting, also explanations were given about the various parts of the Qeshm Island UGGp application to introduce it to tourists and familiarize the members of the Assistants Network of this geopark. 

According to Mr. Eshgarf, the assistants of Qeshm Island UGGp participate in various sectors to provide services related to tourists in accommodation, tourism agencies, restaurants, handicraft stores, educational institutions, and tourist guides. Their involvement aims to promote and protect the Qeshm Island UGGp while contributing to its economic prosperity.

At the end, while congratulating the International Tourist Guide Day, he noted that tourist guides are the influential ambassadors of Qeshm Island UGGp to facilitate the proceed the goals of this geopark. According to this report, a tourist guide is a person who guides people or a group to visit places and provides them with information and details about the place.




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