A training workshop on Geopark and Geoproduct was held for students of Qeshm Island

The director of Qeshm Island UGGp announced that a training workshop on Geopark and Geoproduct was held for middle school students of the Shahab and Hara regions of Qeshm Island.

According to the public relations and international affairs of the Qeshm Free Zone Area, announcing this news, Sajad Eshgarf said that this program was held with the cooperation between Qeshm Island UGGp and the Education Department of Shahab and Hara regions to introduce the goals and concepts of the Geopark.

He added that another topic presented in this workshop was the definition of Geoproduct. Geoproduct emphasizes the need to design and produce products to attract tourists and improve the local community's economy.

The director of Qeshm Island UGGp, explaining the importance and role of the Namakdan Cave geosite as the longest salt cave in the world, clarified that in this workshop, steps to make and prepare the Namakdan Candle were taught to the students practically.

In the end, Mr. Eshgarf said that among the most significant concerns of Qeshm Island UGGp are the education, promotion, and empowerment of children and teenagers to discover, train, and direct talents and support active student groups in the development and protection of the Geopark.


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