Attracting Rural Communities to Participate in Qeshm Island Geo-park Participatory Managing

Developing Qeshm Island sustainably, Qeshm Geo-park is attracting local communities to cooperate and manage this global Site by collaboration of cultural heritages, handicrafts and tourism management department.

In collaboration with Qeshm Free Area Cultural heritages, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Qeshm Island global Geo-park manages implementation of “Empowering and Attracting Rural Communities to Participate in Qeshm Island Geo-park Participatory Managing” project. (By utilizing the achieved GEF/SGP program pyramids experiences in Qeshm Island).

With Qeshm Geo-park and cultural heritage express’s Supervision, This SGP supported program was commenced on April 25, 2013-05-20 in Derakoo, Chahoo sharqi, doorbani and Basa’idou villages that will approximately take 14 months long.

The project is following these aims:        

1.Developing Handicrafts and empowering local community (especially women) and promoting economic rate of rural communities.

2.Producing handicraft by reliance on indigenous art and knowledge, and making the products Market-friendly in according to the local, national and international needs.

3.Transferring handicraft experiences, based on potentials in each village, from succeed villages to the aim villages and in according to conservational priorities. (establishing fund and local organization on western part of the Island)

4.Enhancing producing quality and presenting available handicrafts(by utilizing other geo-parks experiences)

5.Producing local handicrafts which are associated with the Geo-parks issue and marketing for the presented product through Geo-park website and locating in tourist visitor centers out of the Island.

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