Student ideas are being drawn

In cooperation with borke khalaf education and training deputy, Qeshm Geo-park holds tours which students draw their geo- conceptional Ideas.

Borke-khalaf village which is located 15Km far from Qeshm city is the gate way to reach one of the most important and most visited Geo-sites of Qeshm Island Geo-park

Yesterday (on Saturday 21, Dec, 2013) students of this village were taken to the stars valley to get familiar with the conception of geology, geo-tourism, geo-sites and geoheritages. Then they started to collect trashes which were left within the geosite to say to everybody:  “WE ARE GEO-PROTECTORS

In the end of this one-day geo-tour program, all the students painted and draw their thoughts and conceptions about Geo-park and stars valley Geo-site in according to their teacher explanations and their own understanding and observations

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