The unveiling ceremony of the book “Qeshm, the land of beauties” written by Amin Ebrahimi Darakoyie

On the sideline of the unveiling ceremony of registering the Namakdan salt cave geosite as one of the top 100 geological sites in the world, the book “Qeshm, the land of beauties” written by Amin Ebrahimi Darakoyie was also unveiled.

"Qeshm, Land of Bueuties" is a valuable work and the result of supporting a young enthusiastic local cultivating his talent in a suitable atmosphere, which has led to the flourishing of his art in the form of this fascinating book. Since its inception, Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark has become a place for two-way communication with the local community and active interaction with them.

It has created the possibility of growth and promotion of the hidden talents in this land. Even though thousands of amateur and professional photographers from all over the country and other parts of the world have captured fascinating images of the Island, the images created by local Qeshm Island photographers have a special spirit and feeling that show their love and belonging to their homeland.

Amin Ebrahimi Darakooei, not with expensive and advanced facilities and equipment, but only with efforts, interest, and artistic vision, has depicted the sights of Qeshm Island in the most beautiful way possible and has presented his first book to the fans of this land.

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