Shour valley

Code : G05

Shur Valley is a Geosite of the Qeshm Global Geopark, which is located on the south coast of Qeshm Island, close to the Salt Dome. In the local dialect, this plain called Makineh Strait or Hobad. This Geosite is located on the Salakh anticline, and for that reason, influenced by the movements and forces around this anticline. This feature is caused erosion to occur faster and stronger in this region. Shur valley has several parallel waterways and many branches that have been formed by rainwater erosion and steep slope. This feature is one of the effective elements in the beauty of this landscape. In the central part of Shur Valley, there are several running mineral springs, which make this place as one of the most beautiful geological phenomena. Mineral springs are among the most important geological phenomena in terms of tourism attraction that motive economic growth in the region and also enhance people’s awareness about nature and the environment. People visit mineral springs for various reasons such as treatment, entertainment, and curiosity. The usage of mineral waters has been known since ancient times due to their therapeutic value.

Where Shour valley geosite is located ?

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