Namakdan Salt Complex

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The west of the Qeshm Island is affected by the salt layers of the Earth in deep, associated with the Hormuz Formation. It dates back to approximately 550 million years ago and before life flourished on the ground. With the burial of salt layers under other subsequent sediments, as a result of excessive pressure and density, a process called diapirism or salt dome formation is formed in the existing layers. The salt layers of this region and the surrounding areas, which attain a thickness of several hundred meters due to the physical attributes and incompressibility of salt and also to get rid of increasing pressure, have gradually come out of the depths of the earth in a cylindrical shape to the surface and form the salt domes. Most of the Persian Gulf's Islands like Hengam and Larak, maintain a similar formation, and their mechanism goes back to this phenomenon. Even the formation of the Gevarzin anticline in the north of the island is affected by the Salt Dome, whose salt layers are midway up and have not yet reached the ground, but their upper layers are bent and folded. One of the most significant and marvelous geological phenomena of Qeshm Global Geopark is Namakdan Salt Dome, which is located in the southwest of the island. Access to this geosite is possible in two ways. The first way is through Qeshm roadway to Dulab, Gori, Dustku village, and then Namakdan salt Dome, and the second way is via Qeshm road to Tabl and Salakh villages and at that time gravel road from Salakh to Namakdan Salt Complex. The joint impact of water and wind erosions along with the Hormoz Formation and diapirism in this vast region has created erosive cavities and wells, Dolins and salt caves, spectacular walls, and silver beaches that are aesthetically valuable. The high geological potential of this geosite in terms of registration in the World Heritage List constitutes a great sensitivity to preserve it from any destruction. Furthermore, in this vast area, untouched and impressive landscapes are accessible, especially for visiting and photography.

Where Namakdan Salt Complex geosite is located ?

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