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Qeshm Island is naturally a unique island in the Persian Gulf. On this island, along its sandy and rocky shores, there are numerous views of rock outcrops alongside valleys and foothills. Most of the landscapes are formed by the running water erosion due to the seasonal rains and streaming into the lands, consisted of rock outcrops. The rock outcrops of this area are often flat or low-slope and are composed of resistant and non-resistant layers in different thicknesses. The Basaeidou geosite is the result of water and wind erosion in exposed quaternary marine terraces and the formation of the Gully trench developed in the Badland. In this region, Aghajari Formation has a principal role in forming erosion forms, the flatness of the floors, the extent of marl deposits, and the shaping of long and parallel tensile joints. Trenches are geomorphological forms shaped by changing the balance of the waterway system under the influence of external forces. The external forces cause uplifting and consequently leads to the epeirogeny of the island. The increasing erosion rate in the areas where the ditches are spread leads to the formation of badlands. Badlands are a type of erosive form shaped in the process of washing up the hillside and creating a high density of destructive grooves and drainage channels. The erosion process in the loose marl layers has performed a major role in the variety of forms created. In this manner, because of the penetration of rainwater through the rock cracks, underground corridors have been formed. This geosite can be one of the most attractive tourist sites on Qeshm Island due to its picturesque geological landscapes and proximity to the Basaeidou village, situated on the west coast of the island where historical remnants of the British residence period are located. Also, the fishing port of this village has historical antiquity, and people in this region are engaged in catching fish.

Where Basaeidou geosite is located ?

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