Naz Islands

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The Naz Islands are a set of three small islands located on the southern coastline of Qeshm Island, which displayed one of the most beautiful marine geological features caused by erosion. The coral reefs on the southern part of the island formed a rich marine ecosystem. This site is very attractive due to its large area and sandy beach with low slope and the fascinating characteristics of the connection to and the separation from the main island during the tide. The Naz Islands were registered in the National list of Natural Monuments in 2009. Geological characteristics: The Naz Islands are remnants of quaternary marine terraces caused by seawater rising due to the Epeirogenic movement. These islands are formed in several ridges and only connect to the mainland at low tide. Geologically, the islands are located on the southeastern edge of the Zirang anticline and consist of several highly cemented and hardened calcareous layers with sandstone and marl interlayers. Marine erosion has played a significant role in the development of these islands. In general, the southern coast of Qeshm Island, which is rocky or covered with sand, and its tide intensity is higher than the northern coastline, is affected by erosion and regression. Alternatively, the northern shores, which are muddy or sandy, and the mangrove forests grow there, are depositing and moving toward the sea. Most of the southern coast has been destroyed and eroded over time by severe erosion. Naz islands and cliffs located in this area are the remains of the beaches that survived. Over the coming centuries, the persistence of sea waves and the retreat of the coastline, erosion, and destruction of these islands will continue until no trace of it remains. These islands, which are fungal in shape, are more eroded and have depressions in the lower layers due to the sea waves, while the upper layers, which are less affected by the waves, are more protruding. The expansion of Tafoni dissolution cavities, large-scale cross layering (Cross Bedding) in sand ridges, rills and Karstic dissolution in calcareous layers, and excavations of living organisms in rock floors are examples of the morphological and geological forms of these islands. The constructions on these islands belong to fishermen and have been built since ancient times. It is necessary to pay attention to the daily tide schedule to avoid any possible danger.

Where Naz Islands geosite is located ?

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