New territory of the Qeshm Global Geo-park

In comparison with the old boundary (Table, Salakh and Goor-kani), the new Qeshm Geo-park territory was enhanced to fivefold bigger than before.

In associated with The Qeshm Geo-park, a mentioned defect by the GGN experts was the problem that, “Setareha valley and Korkora kooh”, were out of the Geo-park limited area.

By eliminating this, now Geopark territory has been increased fivefold, and the new area for the Geo-park was extended to 1561 km2. So, all of “mangrove forest, Naz Islands, Korkora kooh, turtle egg laying site, Eco-park and Dolphins Gulf” geo-sites are surrounded in the Geo-park boundaries now.

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