Fisherman new day Jubilation

Another attracting tradition of Qeshm people will be held on on 6th of August

Iranian never stop their celebrations and festivals, even on the warmest days of year and on one the warmest lands of the country. They have fun and run traditional jubilation even in such situations.

In Salakh village which is located on the central part of the Qeshm Island on Persian gulf, every year indigenous people do a fantastic custom which is called “Fisherman new day Jubilation” in Persian” Jashn-e nowrooz-e sayyad”.

On this special day nobody goes fishing and eats seafoods; that’s because they want to let the sea to rest and begin a new season of life.

Inhabitants of Salakh village celebrate this day as a public ceremony and host many guests from all over the world.

They run variety of cooking, singing, dancing, swimming, and sport competitions for guests and this is good that everybody can take a part in the competitions.

This year, the ceremony y will be held on by postpone on 6th of august instead of 20th of July.

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