Colorful kites flying on Qeshm Geopark sky

By cooperation of Towla Islamic council, Qeshm free area organization, Qeshm Geopark and a group of Police officers and Artists of Qeshm Island, the Children Global Week celebration was held in a memorable, warm sensational atmosphere for children and their families on Qeshm Island.

In according to this report, Mr. Ahmad Bazmandegan Qeshmi the head of Islamic council of Towla, expressed: this celebration has been held by the Head of Islamic council of Towla and with cooperation of some of artists to make families happy and help them recreate their selves. More than 5000 people hase taken apart in this celebration, he says.

This celebration was held to make the children familiar with Geopark, Tola Ecopark, Dokoohak birds’ pond national natural monument.

In this celebration some ceremonies like Azva, childish competitions, face painting, drawing was ran and it was finishend by by the ceremony of gifting.

It is to say that, a celebration like this was held in Gavarzin village by their deans. In this ceremony children made kites by used papers and plastic bags which were not usable anymore.

 In according to Gavarzin dean’s(Mr.Imani) explanation, this celebrations goal has been like the other one and to make a passionate sensasional environment for families to enjoy their time.

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