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Submitting the application and completing the form is possible only from the manager or the owner of the entity, and it is mandatory to introduce a representative to participate in the training workshops.

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  • The submission of cooperation approval from Qeshm Island UNESCO World Geopark and the issuance of its certificate depends on the accurate completion of the form along with the requested documents and approval of the Geopark. Cooperation approval is valid for one year from the date of issue and can be renewed after inspection at the end of this period. During the period of having approval from the UNESCO World Geopark of Qeshm Island, it will be monitored.
  • The approval of the Partnership of Qeshm Island UNESCO World Geopark is only valid for this authority and its validity cannot be used to introduce other authorities managed by the same Partner.
  • The original, stamped, and signed certificate and the logo of the UNESCO Global Geopark of Qeshm Island must be installed at the workplace and in public view.
  • Collecting buying and selling stones, minerals, and fossils and hunting rare and endangered animals are prohibited by Partnership.
  • Submitting a request for cooperation with the UNESCO World Geopark of Qeshm Island means accepting the terms and conditions of cooperation, and a violation of them will result in the cancellation of the cooperation of the Geopark and membership in the network of Geopark supporters.
  • The applicant for renewal is obliged to apply for the renewal of the certificate and Hamiary card no later than ten days before the validity of the certificate expires.
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