Roof of Qeshm

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In the middle of Qeshm Island and the south of the Tandis - ha Valley, there is a high plateau called the Roof of Qeshm. The roof of Qeshm is one of the large goesites of the Qeshm Global Geopark, which has a vast area and includes a high flat plateau with precipitous walls, and as a result of erosion performance on its slopes, novel erosion forms such as tower-like shapes and stepped structures have been created. Most of the rock outcrops in this area are related to the gray marl and brown sandstone deposits of the Aghajari Formation. In the formation of erosion forms in this area, the flatness of the layers, the extent of marl deposits, and the shaping of long and parallel tensile joints also play an important role. The development of the piping erosion process has also accelerated the erosion of marl layers and forming the underground corridors. This kind of erosion is caused by the penetration of rainwater flow through rock crevices and reaching the loose and fragile marl layers. The high intensity of destruction and erosion of marl and sandstone layers has caused the accumulation of debris and particles at the foothills, especially on the northern foothill of the site, close to the Tandis-ha Valley geosite. The erosion and destruction had not prevented the creation of picturesque landscapes and led to the shaping of various forms associated with the deterioration of flat layers. At this geosite, an area of 8 hectares with dimensions of 331 meters by 242 meters called the Paleolithic zone of the Roof of Qeshm registered with number 30671 on 10/08/2011 as a historical and cultural monument. The Roof of Qeshm plateau consists of flatlands that end in precipices and eroded valleys on both sides and has provided an opportunity to represent the natural landscapes of the island more magnificent. From the top of this geosite, especially when the weather is clear and dust-free, it is wonderfully pleasant to observe remote beaches and the northern and southern shores of the island. In some parts of this area, the seasonal growth of perennial plants and trees and the accumulation of camel herds give a delightful and spectacular view of this part of the island.

Where Roof of Qeshm geosite is located ?

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