Statues Valley

Code : G04

In the west of Qeshm Island and the north of Salakh anticline, there are several narrow and long parallel valleys which each one possesses a unique landscape. In these valleys, marl, limestone, and sandstones are regularly layered and erupted with small thicknesses to the mass, and various types of erosion forms have been shaped. Tandis-ha Valley geosite is located 80 km from Qeshm and the south of Mangrove Forests. This valley is one of the amazing geosites of the Qeshm Global Geopark which consists of a vast area. In this area, you can see a variety of geological phenomena and natural statues which are formed by physical erosion. Tandis-ha (in English means statues) Valley, which has taken its name due to the existence of numerous natural forms and masses, is the remnants of high land severely eroded. There are also interesting sedimentary phenomena in the region, such as mud cracks that create a picturesque landscape in the foreground of the valley. This valley has been formed because of the heterogeneous performance of erosion factors include water, wind, and weight pressure on different parts of the earth. In the parts that have been harder and more resistant to erosion, these factors are less affected, and therefore intractable sectors have remained. In some places, most of the statues are shaped as a result of these sedimentary phenomena. The spectacular and stunning walls of the Tandis-ha Valley have a high aesthetic value and have created a unique and amazing perspective, especially for visiting and photography. It is essential to preserve them from any damage.

Where Statues Valley geosite is located ?

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