Dolphins Bay

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Qeshm Island has beaches with high and unique ecosystem diversity. Mud tidal zones, rocky shores, coral reefs, and Mangrove forests are habitats that have provided particular and valuable biodiversity. The structure of the southern shore of Qeshm Island is mainly made up of rocky coral reefs and is home to native aquatic species. The location of the Hengam island with a short distance from Qeshm and the special structure of Qeshm island in this part has caused to create a safe and suitable home for various aquatic species in this short distance. One of the important habitats of this region is the coral reefs which have formed the rich biodiversity in the region. Between the shores of Qeshm Island and the west coast of Hengam island, due to the rich habitat and the high amount of primary production, as well as the safe shelter, resulting from the location of these two islands, a special ecosystem has been formed in this area, and valuable species like Marine mammals, sea turtles, and a variety of native and migratory ornamental fish and fisheries are found in this region. Another characteristic of the region is its great diversity and abundance of marine invertebrates. The presence of invertebrates at the beginning of the food chain has enriched this ecosystem and created a rich environment for larger aquatic animals that are found in the later stages of the food chain. Hengam Island and the coral reefs around it offer a safe and rich habitat for various marine mammals. These aquatic species in this region are abundant and are one of the tourist attractions of the west coast of the island besides observing marine mammals. The Common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) is one of the most important marine mammals that have a permanent presence in this area due to the specific biological conditions of the western coast of Hengam Island. This section of the southern coastline is considered their habitat and pasture. The humpback dolphin (Sousa chinesis) is another species of these marine mammals that are seen in the region.

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