Kargah Beach

Code : G11

The southern coastline of Qeshm Island often has a rocky and sandy bed with a steeper slope than the north coast. The south coast of Qeshm Island around the Salt Dome has the most significant geological phenomena. The existence of these phenomena has led to the introduction of various geosites like Karagh beach, Shur Valley, Geolink, and Salt Dome by Qeshm Global Geopark. Karagh geosite is a seashore with a sandy bed and one of the most important sandy beaches on Qeshm Island. The special features of this geosite, which is known as a tourist attraction, are the sandy bed in tidal and high tidal areas as well as the transparency of the coastal water of this region. In addition to the unique beach, erosive effects in high tidal areas and offshore are part of the valuable geological phenomena. In addition to its geological value, this geosite is important in terms of educational, research, and scientific activities.

Where Kargah Beach geosite is located ?

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