The end of special studies of Geological Survey of Iran from Geosites of Qeshm Island UNESCO global geopark.

Director of Qeshm Island UNESCO global geopark announced the end of the studies of the specialist team of our geologists from the location of the geosites of the only geopark of the Middle East in Qeshm

according to Public Relations and International Affairs of Qeshm Free Area Organization, Alireza Amri Kazemi, with this announcement, said:The three-day specialized studies of our country's geological team in geosites of Qeshm Island UNESCO global GeoPark were completed in the course of scientific development and completion of educational and promotional content of Geopark in the western part of Qeshm Island last day.

He stated that during this time, accurate scientific studies were carried out by Iranian experts in geosites in the western part of the island.

According to Qeshm  Island UNESCO Global Geopark Director, the provision of key geological information on the history of the evolution of the earth development in the area, the identification and introduction of new geocites and the completion of geocites information in this area were the main goals of this scientific research.

He continued: The results of these studies and scientific researches carried out in the previous stages after the simplification of the general information level, will be published in the exquisite booklet of year 97 with a report for the use of interested experts.

According to the report, Geopark is a region with clearly defined boundaries and several geological phenomena within its range and the geological heritage of that area is maintained with careful and permanent management and this area should play an important role in the economic development of the societies around them.

In addition to geological phenomena, Geopark also has historical, ecological, archaeological, and other cultural and natural heritage, which Geopark of Qeshm has all of its features.

The implementation of the policies of the Qeshm Free Area Organization in the eleventh government led Qeshm Geopark Management to work with serious perseverance in addressing the issues raised by UNESCO, and for the second time  the only geopark of Middle East  in Qeshm became one of the world's geoparks.

Geopark of Qeshm is more important because it is located in the Persian Gulf region, and on the other hand, it has found a special place in the region and between geoparks due to its location among East Asian geoparks and Europe.

Geopark Qeshm plays an important role in the development of geo-parks in the Middle East and West Asia with the announcement of the Secretary-General of the International Geosciences and Geospatial of UNESCO and Accordingly, the UNESCO World Geoparks International Workshop and  Forum of May 2018 will be attended by 30 countries in Qeshm.

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