Qeshm Geopark hosts the advisory meeting of non-governmental organizations (NGO) and social activists / Describing the key role of organizations in “Qeshm, an Island for Children” project

First advisory meeting of active NGOs and social activist of Qeshm was held in the amphitheater hall located in Sohaili in which representatives of NGOs particularly the ones working on children-related issues attended.

According to a report by public relationship section of Qeshm Free zone organization, in this amicable and friendly meeting Sayed Mosayeb Daryanavard, director of “Qeshm, an Island for Children” project explained various aspects of this project.
He emphasized that “Qeshm, an Island for Children” is not a one-year project but a long-term strategic project to improve children-related aspect of this island. He stated that the main goal of this project is to improve quality of life for children on the island and also enhancing this vision by providing the best of everything needed for children early in life.
Daryanavard also expressed his gratitude toward the president of Qeshm Free Zone Organization for his support and cooperation in carrying out this project and also thanked the governorship of Qeshm County, Healthcare Center, Department of Education, and Welfare Agency of the county for their help in creating a strategic council: NGOs and social activist in children-related activities play a key role in this project and without their efforts doing this project would be impossible.
Farahnaz Nedjad Ghafouri, the idea processor of “Qeshm, an Island for Children” reported that the main purpose of this meeting is to identify NGOs and social activists in children-related issues and to craate a communication network among them.
She mentioned that well-developed people are the main resource of every society who are distinguished by their sense of care and sympathy towards societal issues.
Nedjad Ghafouri also referred to social activists willing to register an NGO as potential NGOs and highlighted the importance of transferring the experience of active NGOs to other members of the society.
Governor’s family and women’s affairs counselor, Maryam Mehrabadi also attended this meeting and the process of receiving a license from Town Hall for creating an NGO was outlined.
It should be mentioned that Hamidreza Mohsenpour, manager of Qeshm Geopark also attended this meeting and emphasized the important role of local community in returning Qeshm Geopark to UNESCO’s Global Geopark Networks and the importance of local community in carrying out “Qeshm, an Island for Children” project.
In this meeting, which lasted around three hours, some Active NGO representatives introduce their activities and exchanged their ideas with each other.
This meeting was held at the suggestion of director of “Qeshm, an Island for Children” and Qeshm Geopark Management and in cooperation with Qeshm Free Zone Organization, Governorship of the Qeshm County, Village Counsel of Sohaili Village in Harra Amphitheater near Sohaili Village.
Qeshm Island covers an area of 1500 km2 and it is the largest island in the Persian Gulf, located in the south of Iran.


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