Norouze Sayad (fisherman) Festival

Norouze Sayad (fisherman) Festival was held in cooperation with Qeshm Geo-park on July 23

In Salakh village in Qeshm, Fishermen celebrate June 22 as Norouz (New year) or Nourouze Sayad which is first day of the real hot season in this region. On this day, fishermen do not catch fish or any other sea animals and refrain from eating seafood.
Similar to other tribes in Iran, Fishermen in southern part of Iran have their own unique calendar in which the first of new fishing year starts on June 22. Just like herder’s and farmer’s calendar, Fisherman’s calendar consists of four season which start on the last day of Tir (the first month of summer in Iranian calendar) when fishermen start their new fishing season

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