Poetry by student Hosna Ekrami

Poetry by student Hosna Ekrami from the village of Dourbani on Qeshm Island and Geopark

_Qeshm is a beautiful island
For every visitor, it is a dreamland
_Let me tell you about its mangrove forest and sea
Warm and friendly people you’ll see
_East and west you’ll see beauty
You’ll see a world of variety
_There’s Namakdan Dome on its west
Where huge caverns rest
_There’s Chahkouh Valley a little further
Mountains, like friends sticking together
_Gouran Pier where they build ships
I create ships like a piece of art
_Qeshm Geo-park is known around the world
It makes its people happy and proud
_There are many wonders in the island
I can’t say enough about this dreamland
((A poem by Hosna Ekrami))

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