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Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark’s  partners Network  Membership



Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark  has established a network of geopark partners with the aim of enhancing local community’s and business owners participation in providing geopark-related and geotourism-related services and also ensurving a prosperous local economy. Applicants who have done all legal procedures regarding their unit thorouthly and have collected all the required permits from the official authorities can enroll to get the membership. In practical terms, geopark partner’s title adds extra values and benefits to such units and is not in any contradiction with other supervisory or governmental sections’ functions.

Geopark Partner

A geopark partner can be a natural person, on enterprise, a manufacturing firm, a service provider or an educational institutation that has used geopark’s logo and title to lend credibility to their operations and benefits from geopark’s brand, and in return engages actively in presentation and promotion of geopark as well as sharing geopark’s knowledge with their audiences and customers. There undeniably exist cooperation, Close collaboration and productive interaction that bring about mutual benefits for both parties.

Geopark Partners’ Network

This network provides an opportunity for partners to collaborate, share their experiences and exchange their knowledge so that their operations and common tasks are facilitated and that can definitely lead to being more functional and practical for each and every partner that is supported by the network. Partners network not only deals with the existing needs and weak points but also manages to help partners prevent unhealthy rivalry and syndicates disputes.

Advantages of Membership in Geopark Partner’s Network

  • Using Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark’s logo and brand credibility
  • Free promotion that comes with being labeled as a partner on geopark’s official website that has also a link on the UNESCO Global Website
  • Lower outdoor advertising costs through participation in partners’ network group promotion
  • Receiving partners’network certificates, boards and membership card that helps earn audiences’ trust.
  • Using educational courses and workshops to enhance service and product quality

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