Shur valley

Code : G05

This Geosite is located in the southern part of the island near the NamakdanDome. It is a vast area encompassing plains and plateaus that have created beautifulsceneries. At this Geosite, a plain has been formed through erosion of soft structures (such assmall sediments of Marl). As a result, a large and harmonious flat plain is surrounded by hilly areasof badland type. On the steeper slopes of these hills, parallel waterways may be observed whichhave been formed by erosion through rainstorm water, creating a unique landscape.As this Geosite is located on the Salakh Anticline, it is exposed to movements of earth, as a resultof this phenomena, erosion has been working more effectively on forming the geological structuresat this geosite.
In some areas on this plain, some stone-like structures may be observed on the ground ground iscovered by some piecesof hard rock. These areremnants of the hardercalcareous layers whichonce covered the softlayers, and have nowcollapsed partially dueto erosion.
In the central part ofthe Darrehshour Valley,there are some mineralsprings. These springsmay be classified ascold hypothermal sulfursprings as they containsulfur. The locals havesince old times beenusing these springs bybuilding some poolsaround them, especiallye f f e c t i v e for s k i ndiseases as well as jointand bone problems, andrelaxation. The presenceof sulfur in this areais due to natural gasreserves that exist near beneath Salakh Anticline.The geomorphology of the land in Darrehsour geosite offers aunique opportunity for visitors to experience peace and calmin a beautiful natural landscape.

Where Shur valley geosite is located ?

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